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Leadership Team

Saadia Husain Baloch, Executive Director

headshot-150x150Saadia has worked for many years as a software engineer in embedded systems, designing and writing software for devices as diverse as laser printers, cable set-top boxes, internet-enabled cameras and package scanners, and for the OLPC XO children’s laptop computer.  She’s also been keen to help girls get excited about engineering as a Girl Scout Troop Leader for 7 years. Saadia holds a S.B in Computer Engineering from M.I.T and a M.S. in Computer Science from Brown University.  She feels it should be a priority to get people of all ages and abilities comfortable with the concepts behind the technology that runs our daily lives, from the “internet of things” to the huge repositories of our data footprints that large companies maintain.


Sam Michalka, Director of Strategy

samweddingfaceSam studied mechanical engineering and psychological science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She then worked in engineering and operations management at General Electric, covering a variety of products including helicopter engines, wind turbines, and solar panels. In 2009, Sam joined Machine Science as a Program Coordinator before heading off to graduate school at Boston University, where she earned an M.A. in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience. Sam rejoined Machine Science in 2014 and now oversees NSF-funded projects, manages long-term strategy, and and continues to conduct research in neuroscience, education, and technology at Boston University.



Samuel Christy and Ivan Rudnicki co-founded Machine Science in 2001 and now serve on the Board of Directors.  Sam now teaches engineering and robotics in the Medford Public School District, and Ivan is the founding Computer Science Chair in the Brooke Charter Schools.