Programming and Tutorials

Tools to program your robot’s brain (microcontroller)

We support two free options for programming your robot.  The Arduino IDE requires you to download software to your desktop and stores your code locally.  CodeBender is a Google Chrome plugin and stores your code in the cloud.  You will need to install the appropriate Machine Science library (either the breadboard library or the XIPmod or Arduino with XIPmod shield library). Be sure to only install one of these libraries (click here for installation directions for the Arduino IDE).









Some of our old tutorials can be found below.  Please let us know if you run into any issues.

Using the Breadboard
Understanding Schematics
Building the ATmega Board
Programming the ATmega Board
Controlling an LED
Using Button Switches
Controlling a Speaker
Using a Light Sensor
Controlling the LCD
Using a Temperature Sensor
Digital Stopwatch
Building the Robot
Controlling the Robot
Responding to Sensors
Infrared Remote Control

Looking for your old code?  Email with your username and a quick message about what you need, and we will send your code to you.