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Machine Science Inc. :: Robotics Kits :: Sensor Expansion Pack

Sensor Expansion Pack
Sensor Expansion Pack
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The Sensor Expansion Pack adds an exciting level of functionality to the mobile robot: the ability to respond to the environment. Two types of sensors are included in this package: a forward-facing infrared analog distance sensor that keeps the robot from bumping into walls and objects in its path, and two down-facing infrared reflectance sensors that keep the robot from falling down stairs (or off tables). The down-facing sensors also give the robot the ability to track lines. The Sensor Expansion Pack is compatible with both the Breadboard Starter Kit and the XIPMods Master Module.

What's Included

  • Front-facing infrared analog distance sensor
  • Down-facing infrared reflectance sensors (2)
  • Mechanical fasteners

NOTE: The XIPMods Master Module and Robot Base Kit components shown in the product image are NOT included with the Sensor Expansion Pack.

Weight 0.05 lbs
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Price: $40.00

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